PRINTABLE : Autumn Wreath

I can’t believe the last post I wrote was in May. It always seems like the more productive I am, the less I seem to actually output! Work on Printable Play is going swimmingly. There are a few sets up, which are currently being tested. I’ll let you know when the site is working fully. Until then I’m hoping to still role out fun freebies on OTGL.

We’re also only seven weeks away from having our baby! I’m getting so excited for the arrival of my little boy. It’s such an amazing feat of patience which parents have to go through to finally meet their little ones. I have no idea how people do it so calmly! I’ve also officially started my job as designer for the National Museum of Wales. I’m now overseeing the design for seven museums, a somewhat intimidating prospect but one I’m so keen to take on. I’ll be looking at design in museums over the next few months, and will hopefully be sharing some thoughts here.

Anyway, fingers crossed there will be a lot more creative fun stuff happening here soon. In the meantime have a new printable for Autumn. Hello, old friend. I’ve missed your misty, chilly ways <3


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