I’m not very good at remembering dates. Whenever January 1st rolls around, I always forget the significance of the date, and it’s usually a good four weeks later that I remember I should’ve started a diary. So today, when I looked in my calendar, I was thrilled to remember that Nanawrimo has started. Finally, I can try and commit to something day by day!

I love writing. In the past two years I’ve written two novels, with three very much in progress. I fall in love with my characters, their settings, their mysteries and intrigues. But life, as it has a tendency to do, has got in the way of late, and characters who I’ve written about every day for months on end have been left by the wayside.

I know I’ll return to them eventually, but in an effort to try and return my voice to me, I’m going to start writing this weekend. I know you should plan your Nanowrimo novels in October, but I’ve never been one to do things by halves!

Watch this space. I’ll be sure to update with my progress. Also, keep an eye out for some more paper houses. I’ve been sketching up some village designs and people who I think you’ll be happy to meet! Here are a few, just to get you excited…


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