Ilfracombe Museum

A few weeks ago my in-laws kindly took my partner and I to Devon. For a few days we wandered the coast, hunting for fossils and discovering forgotten coves, a perfect way to spend a bank holiday.

Along with the rock pools and waterfalls we discovered another little gem; the museum in Ilfracombe. Set off the main road, down a small drive, this nondescript building holds a fantastic collection of Victorian curiosities, including a giant Boa Constrictor, the largest collection of British butterflies and birds eggs I’ve ever seen, and an unusual collection of preserved wedding cakes. Very worth the visit, if you’re in the area. Here are a few shots of the interior contents.


ilmuse_0012_IMG_6140 ilmuse_0013_IMG_6139 ilmuse_0014_IMG_6138 ilmuse_0015_IMG_6137 ilmuse_0016_IMG_6136 ilmuse_0017_IMG_6135 ilmuse_0018_IMG_6134 ilmuse_0019_IMG_6132 ilmuse_0020_IMG_6131 ilmuse_0021_IMG_6130
ilmuse_0023_IMG_6128 ilmuse_0024_IMG_6126 ilmuse_0025_IMG_6125 ilmuse_0026_IMG_6123 ilmuse_0027_IMG_6117 ilmuse_0028_IMG_6116 ilmuse_0029_IMG_6115 ilmuse_0030_IMG_6114 ilmuse_0031_IMG_6113 ilmuse_0032_IMG_6112 ilmuse_0033_IMG_6111 ilmuse_0034_IMG_6108 ilmuse_0035_IMG_6107 ilmuse_0036_IMG_6104 ilmuse_0037_IMG_6103 ilmuse_0038_IMG_6101 ilmuse_0039_IMG_6099 ilmuse_0040_IMG_6098 ilmuse_0041_IMG_6097 ilmuse_0042_IMG_6096
ilmuse_0044_IMG_6087 ilmuse_0045_IMG_6085 ilmuse_0046_IMG_6084 ilmuse_0047_IMG_6076


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