Design Between the Lines

I’m starting a new project. What’s that, I hear you cry? Well I’ll tell you, so I will. Design Between the Lines. As an impetus to start reading more I have decided to collect favourite quotes from the books I’m currently reading, and upon finishing the book I will illustrate or typeset them. I know. My life. When will the fun end, hm?

I start off with a book I finished at the end of January. Shamelessly, I’m admitting reading it, not because it’s poorly written but because it’s completely self-indulgent and extreme niché. But… it’s rather good, and I need to start somewhere?

The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles is a story about an exiled noble who returns to England following a twenty-year life in China. Upon coming home, strange things begin to happen in his family home following the death of his family, forcing him to call on the services of a magician to save his manor, and himself. It’s a quick read, with likeable characters and a bit of sauce. What’s not to love?


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