December came in with a curtain of white, though it was fog, not snow, that hid most of Wales yesterday. Everything has been very frosty and and foggy for the past two days, with -5oC temperatures. A perfect start to December. I’m hoping that the festive weather will encourage me to go out more and take lots of pictures this weekend. I’d love to visit a christmas tree farm, as we used to go when I was little. Nothing says christmas for me more than the scent of pine and getting covered in sap. Although we have an artificial tree, I spent my weekends as a 16 and 17 year old working for a farm shop which bagged and sold christmas trees all throughout christmas. Frozen fingers, bobble hats, dark nights, and twinkling lights made up most of my happier memories in those years.

We’ve had a rather sad November. I can’t go into too much but something, something that we were wishing on stars for, didn’t happen. It’s hard to move on from things when you set your heart on them. There’s no loss, but the absence of good news feels like a loss all of its own. Topped off with my childhood dog becoming very ill, and a leak in our kitchen, it’s made our already glum year end a little more dimly.

Still, it is the best season of the year and we’ve lots to be thankful for. I’ve got some lovely printables to share, and whilst my Nanowrimo challenge result isn’t as I would like it, I’ll still share parts of it. I was hoping to share with you an advent calendar paper manor, but I’ll aim for some village houses and see where we can go from there!

Happy December, all!

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