Things that go BUMP


Hello, campers! Today we have some amazing printables for you. After speaking to my nephew who, although only three years old, informed me I was seriously lacking a skeleton and zombie, I feel dutifully chastised. So, apologies to the skeleton and walking dead lovers out there.

All files are set to print at A3 or A4. Just cut the lines, fold the tabs, and away you go!

Vampire – 01 | Vampire – 02

Frankenstein – 01 | Frankenstein – 02

Werewolf – 01 | Werewolf – 02

Mummy – 01 | Mummy – 02

Cats and Bats

I first met Jenna Lee Alldread whilst working as Art Editor for Pretty Nostalgic magazine. I fell instantly in love with her style. I think I would buy her entire stock up if someone let me. Her illustrations particularly fit with this time of year, with beautiful cats and cheeky bats making an appearance. Honestly,

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Fortune Favours

Since finding Tatty Design’s wonderful world of fortune teller ranges over the past decade, I’ve had a small obsession with tarot-inspired necklaces. Cue Misfit Makes, Norwich-based studio run by Bex. Her influences are taken from all things magical, and you can see her passion for the aesthetic of divination. If you’re less of a Halloween

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You are cordially invited…

Today it dawned on my partner and I that we’ve completely forgotten about a Halloween party this year. Um. Oops. So, in lieu of a proper invite, I decided to whip up a few invites in my favourite style, 1950s hotel stationery. I know. You’d almost think Halloween and mid-century penmanship wouldn’t be an obvious

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Halloween Past

Finding old photographs of occasions is a huge hobby of mine. I really enjoy seeing how generations before us celebrated the seasons, mostly because they did it as well if not better than us, even despite the lack of supplies! Here are a selection of some of the best I’ve found.

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Strange Women Society

I love October! It’s hard to chose which month is best, October or November, but both give me the excited feeling of dark nights, silently falling leaves, and breathing white puffs into the crisp air. Plus, I can crochet to my hearts content and not get boiling hot. Lovely. For October I’m going to try

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Feline Masks

September has finally rolled around, bringing with it my favourite season. There’s something about Halloween, Bonfire’s Night, and Autumn in general that gets into my bones, a feeling of happiness and warmth. I absolutely love it. So, how else better to celebrate than by starting to upload some of my autumn paper treats? I’m starting

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Infinity in Miniature

Today I welcome you to the little world of Charles Matton. Matton was a French painter, sculptor, illustrator, writer, photographer, screenwriter and filmmaker. He sadly died in 2008, but his legacy lives on thanks to the work of his wife, Sylvie. Matton was part of the Hyperrealism movement, a genre of painting and sculpture dedicated

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Secret Wood

I love rings. As far as jewellery goes, I think rings are the best thing you can buy. I’ve had a lot of my collection pieces for years and years, and they’re easily the most pretty things in my jewellery box. (As an aside, this weekend saw my wife buy me a new engagement ring

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Night at the Museum

For the last few years I’ve been playing with the idea of setting up “The Un-natural History Museum.” It’s finally in the works (more on that soon), but in looking for web names I came across this INCREDIBLE project by Lori Nix. Nix creates miniatures of History Museums, with not-quite-as-expected animals roaming each display. I

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