Announcing Freddie

It’s so close to Christmas, and today in Wales we’ve have shed loads of snow to build up the festive cheer. Where I live, the snow quickly turned to mush but the mountain at the back of us is as white as can be. I can’t wait for our new little Freddie to see his first proper fall of snow!

Talking of…

Meet my new son!
Freddie James Michael Hazell-Edwards.
Born 6th November 2017.

I’m in love! He’s a beautiful baby boy, and we’re already having so much fun with him seeing him learn everything anew. Anyway, it’s been a bit quiet around here so hopefully I’ll update properly soon with some festive printables!

PRINTABLE : Leaf Garland

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween. We stayed in, waiting for baby who’s due any day now. So exciting!

To forget about the impending birth bit I have another leaf printable for you today! Woohoo! This one is a nice garland to tide you over from Halloween to Christmas. Just fold the stems over a piece of string or twine, and you can move your leaves around wherever they look best.


Ceredigion Museum

It’s been a quiet year for mooching around galleries and museums, but in the last few months I’ve had a few great opportunities with work to get to explore some new places that I hadn’t yet visited. One of these is Ceredigion Museum.

Ceredigion Museum

Terrace Road, Aberystwyth SY23 2AQ

Once the Coliseum Theatre, Ceredigion Museum is an impressive showcase of Aberystwyth and Ceredigion’s history. When walking in your greeted with an Aladdin’s cave of collections, from agriculture displays, to naval history of the region. There are old artworks (see Alfred Worthington for more of these gorgeous images), radios and telephony, pharmacy cases, taxidermy local breeds, dentistry equipment, local railwayana, vintage toys, clocks. You name it, it’s probably here, and it all surrounds a wonderful stage with flood lights and old movie posters and theatre listings.

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PRINTABLE : Ghostly Paintings

It’s getting closer to Halloween and if, like me, you’re panicking about not decorating the house in time then fear not! Today I have some snazzy wall paintings for you to entertain your guests with. Best of all? Turn them over half way through the night and see if anyone notices. The sweet, elegant portraits of the first half of the evening will spookily turn into some interesting shady characters.

Just print them off, stick them back to back with a ribbon or piece of string to hang them stuck between the sheets, and display them for all to see!

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Spider in the Bath

Arachnophobes, look away now. For some reason I managed to escape a fear of spiders, despite my dislike of most creepy crawlies. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I actually… like ’em? Sorry. Don’t judge me. I watched a lot of Spider in the Bath as a kid. It made me sympathetic to their cause.

Anyway, here’s the first of two spindly-legged Wishlists to celebrate the holidays.


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PRINTABLE : Autumn Wreath

I can’t believe the last post I wrote was in May. It always seems like the more productive I am, the less I seem to actually output! Work on Printable Play is going swimmingly. There are a few sets up, which are currently being tested. I’ll let you know when the site is working fully. Until then I’m hoping to still role out fun freebies on OTGL.

We’re also only seven weeks away from having our baby! I’m getting so excited for the arrival of my little boy. It’s such an amazing feat of patience which parents have to go through to finally meet their little ones. I have no idea how people do it so calmly! I’ve also officially started my job as designer for the National Museum of Wales. I’m now overseeing the design for seven museums, a somewhat intimidating prospect but one I’m so keen to take on. I’ll be looking at design in museums over the next few months, and will hopefully be sharing some thoughts here.

Anyway, fingers crossed there will be a lot more creative fun stuff happening here soon. In the meantime have a new printable for Autumn. Hello, old friend. I’ve missed your misty, chilly ways <3


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